Red tube chating now

Beyond visual inspection, the difference between the lines appears to grow as the test goes on, which is captured in the tabular data showing 5 minute segmental data.

The most obvious limitation of this endeavor is the fact that it’s not an appropriately controlled experiment.

This appears to have been the case in my anecdotal exercise.

I think it’s likely we’ll be able to get him to 2 g/min of fat oxidation on the correct diet.The graph, below, shows the continuous data for VO (measured), and RQ (calculated).The table below shows the same measurements and calculations as the above table, but under the test conditions.I have seen this effect in (unpublished) data in world class athletes not on a ketogenic diet who have supplemented with exogenous ketones (more on that, below).Case after case showed a small, but significant increase in sub-threshold performance (as an example, efforts longer than about 4 minutes all-out).

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